Welcome, Soul SiStar

I am Devi Rose, née Kaylin Elizabeth Otero. As an Intuitive Embodiment Expert & Teacher of Divine Alchemy, I am dedicated to assisting women to reclaim all of their multi-dimensional Magic so they can live an empowered, integrated life of unapologetic authenticity and embody Love as their Superpower. 

As a Tantric Songstress & Ecstatic Poet, Source flows through my Being like a River to the Ocean, Illuminating, Activating, & Awakening the Hearts of Humanity to the Peaceful Bliss of their True Divine Nature.

As a Beloved Wife & Mother, I mindfully choose to Transform lineages and Reprogram past paradigms through Conscious Co-Creation and Peaceful Parenting.

I have spent the last decade immersed in Self Discovery, studying and teaching a multitude of Healing modalities which make up my private practice as a Transformational Healer and Intuitive Guide for women on the path of Radiant, Embodied, Ascension.



"I am in awe of your gifts and your ability to connect with me and Source; it's like you pulled that whole thing straight from the Heavens! There is no way to really describe how magical that is and how thankful I feel. I really want you to KNOW that you are changing my whole life! Like woah! That's a lot of space to hold for others and I'm so thankful for you showing me what we are a capable of!"   -Mabyn Medwin


"You are a gift to humanity. I was once a lost & confused soul. I noticed things differently then some people do. I was scared of this. So I turned those qualities off the best that I could. But it made me ill in many ways. You have helped me to honor & cherish those gifts that I was born with as well as open up new pathways to enlightenment. These are things I never saw as my truth until now!!! Until I met you!!! Thank you!!! Working with you is opening up doors & avenues that I had really only dreamed of (literally, I saw these things growing up in my visions but didn't have tools to understand them) but here we are!!! The world is ready for us healers." -Cait


"After my sessions with Kaylin I feel like I am lighter! I feel the weights that were holding me down before, starting to feel more manageable. I feel capable, calmer, and happier. Kaylin is a stong, beautiful and radiant light. She is knowledgable and shares her passions and experiences in a positive way. Her exciting, happy energy is contagious!  She makes me feel good about where I'm at in life; I feel accepted just being me. And at the same time, she also listens to my goals and dreams and helps me work to reach them.  In a world where there is so much competition and aggression, Kaylin shines bright and wants others to shine too, trusting that there is enough room for everyone's Light and I love that! It is so refreshing! Working with Kaylin has been a wonderful experience!" - Katie Aceves